Hard core economist: “Value is the amount of unpriced attributes

contained in each unit of priced attributes. (Leffler)


Architectural interpretation: “Value is WOW per square foot.”

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We like to hear WOW.

In fact, we thrive on it.

Quality + Value = WOW. You would never tell your spouse, “you merely met minimum requirements” or, “the defects were acceptable.” Not exciting. You shouldn’t have to speak of your buildings that way either.

We all have space. How can we make it more meaningful and connected? Good architecture goes beyond accommodation and introduces delight. There is an energy that has been called frozen poetry.
Architecture is a container. We should enjoy the coffee as well as the cup. It’s not the structure that moves us as much as what it contains. What we build winds up building us. Our buildings should function well and do it delightfully. Each is a portrait of its owner and the core or his public identity.

Providing value goes far beyond the tangible skills of often saving clients more than our fee. It is a consistent commitment. It is combining people power with process power to exceed expectations in satisfying ever changing needs and wants.

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  • Programming
  • Project development scheduling
  • Project budgeting
  • Presentations


  • Site Analysis
  • Coordination of Owner supplied data
  • Site development planning
  • On and off-site utility design


  • Project administration
  • Disciplines coordination and document checking
  • Agency consulting, review, and approvals
  • Code reviews
  • Cost Estimating
  • Accessibility reviews
  • Energy Code completion
  • Coordination of owner supplied data
  • Architectural design and documentation
  • Structural design and documentation
  • Mechanical/Plumbing design and documentation
  • Electrical design and documentation
  • Civil design and documentation
  • Materials research and specifications
  • Project promotion and public relations Presentations

  • Project administration
  • Disciplines coordination and document checking
  • Agency consulting, review, and approvals
  • Bid Packaging and timing
  • Bid advertising
  • Bidding materials
  • Addenda
  • Bidding negotiations
  • Bid evaluations
  • Construction contracts

  • Project administration
  • Scheduling
  • Cost Accounting
  • Agency consulting, review, and approvals
  • Verification of quantity of work in place
  • Certification of compliance with contract documents
  • Office construction administration
  • Construction field observation
  • Processing of requests for payment
  • Project representation Inspection coordination
  • Construction schedule monitoring
  • Supplemental documents
  • Project closeout

  • Start-up assistance
  • Record drawings
  • Warranty review
  • Post-occupancy evaluation